Data visualisation and internal tooling for Civey

Product Design | Web

I designed a feature that allows to build simplified charts with selected data points so that clients can easily understand and draw insights from their data.

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Prototyping a mental health app

Product Design | App

As part of the Future Builder program by Hasso Plattner Institute and Leipzig Graduate School of Management, I supported a group of students with their idea for a mental health app called Thriivy.

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Design and politics for Klimaliste Berlin

brand design | web

On a mission to bring climate action into Berlin’s parliaments, I created the corporate design, logo and website for the new political party Klimaliste Berlin. I also supported the election campaign and ran for the borough parliament of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

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Self service for developers

Interaction Design | Web

With the goal to reduce support time, my team and I built a self service that gives users more visibility and control over consent-related configurations for their applications.

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Second hand selling features

Product Design | App | Web

I refined, optimised, launched and scaled a new feature that helps private sellers reach more buyers for their second hand items. The new feature converted users into paying customers and helped Vinted become a financially sustainable business.

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New opportunities for Vinted

Research | Strategy

Being part of the team at Vinted that develops paid features for sellers, my task was to identify what to build next.

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Motivation-based personas


To help my team empathise with users when they’re not around, I researched user goals, motivations and pain points and brought them in a tangible and sharable format.

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Sofar’s newsletter

Product Design | Email

Sofar’s monthly newsletter needed a redesign that provides users with a better experience, drives traffic to the website and increases event ticket sales.

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