Launching & Optimising Closet Promotion

At Vinted, I was working in a team which was responsible for developing paid features to create new revenue streams for the company. We call these features value-added-services (short VAS),…
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Researching New Feature Opportunities

At Vinted, an online market place for selling and buying second hand clothes, I was working in a team which was responsible for developing additional paid features that create new revenue…
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Motivation-based Personas

When my team at Sofar Sounds and I brainstormed and prioritised ideas, we were often lacking a clear understanding of our users and their motivations to use our product (= intimate music…
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Sofar’s App Strategy

Facing limited time and resources to develop a solid strategy for Sofar’s first mobile app, we decided to run a hackday to kick off ideation and come up with presentable ideas in just one d…
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Redesigning Sofar’s Global Newsletter

Sofar’s monthly newsletter is sent to a global audience of over 300,000 people at the end of every month, announcing new Sofar events in the upcoming month. Since there are far too many e…
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Customer Journey Analysis

The project’s goal was to create a customer journey analysis, which captures consumers' main problems and needs in the car buying process. Besides investigating touch points, the task was t…
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Designing a Website for Renting a Holiday Home

In 2016, my client – a one-woman-business – decided to rebuild a historical stone house in Croatia with the aim to host vacationers and offer seminars around topics like health, nutrition and…
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Designing my Website

Designing my website from scratch with no constraints and team members or clients I would need to compromise with, was in fact a challenging experience. The conditions just described first…
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Storyboarding Design Ideas

In winter 2016, I participated in an online course on coursera called Human-Centered Design: an Introduction, where I had to complete several assignments. One was to create storyboards that…
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Redesigning Sofar’s Event Pages

Clients I Worked With

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