With a strategic approach, experimentation and seeing the good in people, I try to apply human-centred design to all aspects of life and spark its mindset in people around me. I’m currently interested in how human-centricity can enhance urban planning through participatory design and co-creation and I’m open for (voluntary) opportunities in this area.




FEB - AUG 2019

I advised startups from the accelerator programme of Axel Springer & Porsche (APX) about UX topics. This helped me practise my facilitation skills and provided insights into new products and businesses.

JUNE 2018 - NOW


User Experience Designer

UX & UI Design

Designing mobility services, tools for professionals as well as enhancing the UX of Volkswagen ID, Volkswagen’s global identity provider.

JAN 2016 - NOW

my website

Content & Design

personal side project

Creating and testing designs, building a portfolio, sharing insights and thoughts on my blog while exploring tools and learning to code (a little).

I like to give talks at meetups once in a while to get more used to public speaking. Once I talked about how to make sense of design research results.

For xStarters by Volkswagen – a platform for students to explore professions of the future – I guided through the UX design role and process based on the example of a hitchhiking app I conceptualised prior to video production.
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I keep myself inspired by reading books about all sorts of topics. Have a look at my favourites.

JULY 2017 – MAY 2018


User Experience Designer

Product Design

Greatest Achievement: My team and I released a new feature in 6 international markets which converted a new segment of users into paying customers.

How? I helped shape a clear value proposition and made sure users understand the feature’s benefits by designing triggers, statistics and a landing page.

JUNE 2017

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SEPT 2016 – MAY 2017

Sofar Sounds


UX Research and Design

Greatest Achievement: My redesign of Sofar’s monthly newsletter increased conversion by 20%.

How? I made the newsletter more relevant by tailoring the content to the user’s home city and provided easier access to events by removing steps between users and their end goal.

JAN 2016 - JULY 2016

online courses

Design & Prototyping

UC San Diego &

Modules: HCI, journey mapping, prototyping of products, services and environments, interaction design, information design, visual design, designing experiments, field testing

JUNE 2016 – SEPT 2016


UX and UI Designer

Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design

JAN 2016 - SEPT 2016

urban outfitters

Sales Associate

part-time job

Advising customers and ensuring great shopping experiences while improving English communication skills and meeting new people.

OCT 2015

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Strategic Brand Consulting

Customer Research, Brand Strategy, Workshops

JAN 2015 - SEPT 2015

Junior Strategist

Greatest Achievement: I identified consumers’ problems and needs in the car buying process which led to new business opportunities and improvements of the client’s online platform for buying and selling cars.

How? I explored the consumers’ journey by planning and conducting qualitative research, incl. interviews, online diaries and contextual observation.

SEPT 2014 - DEC 2014


Greatest Achievement: Together with the client I defined strategic initiatives and priorities for their next financial years.

How? I analysed the client’s market to inform decision-making and guided stakeholders to agreement by facilitating and moderating workshops.

OCT 2010 - AUG 2014

Stuttgart Media University

Advertising and Market Communications

final grade 1.5

MARCH 2014

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bachelor thesis

performance measurement of employer branding in the social web

Theoretical evaluation of social media metrics and HR KPIs; conducting a study consisting of an expert interview, two online surveys and a content analysis

Zum goldenen Hirschen


Strategic Planning, Account Management

MARCH 2013 - FEB 2014

Working Student

MARCH 2012 - SEPT 2012


Greatest Achievement: I helped win a new business pitch which doubled the size of the agency.

How? I paid attention to every detail of the client’s requirements and developed a new presentation design which served as a framework for following pitch presentations.


marketing, sociology, psychology, market research, design for digital and print, computer science, media economy, management


Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
InVision, Marvel, Principle

OCT 2011 - FEB 2012

dr. šonje webconsult

Working Student Online Consulting

User Research, Project Management

Greatest Achievement: I helped a client from the energy sector to improve their intranet.

How? I organized interviews with users all around the globe and codified the results to identify groups of UX issues.

SEPT 2014

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JUNE 2010


final grade 1.2

Advanced courses:
Social Sciences, English

German, English, French

urban design
electronic music